Save time on bar inventory

Speed through inventory counts and cut liquor costs with Backbar.
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Make bar inventory easier


Free lifetime use of Backbar to perform inventory, place orders, and access reports.

No hidden monthly fees or surcharges. Backbar will never ask you for credit card information or email you saying your free trial has ended.

Invite staff and coworkers to use Backbar to collaborate on inventory management tasks. No fees for additional users.

Take Inventory - Counts Table

Set up is easy with our Quick Import Tool for uploading spreadsheet data.

Save hours on bar inventory with our mobile, tablet, and desktop web app that is easier to use and more powerful than spreadsheets.


You can lose inventory records in seconds with spreadsheet files. Feel secure knowing your data is safe with Backbar.

Reports Dashboard

Easy-to-read reports help you analyze your inventory performance to lower liquor costs and drive profits.

With pre-built reports, Backbar does the math for you so you won't get error messages from complicated excel formulas.

Feel confident in knowing your bar program inside-and-out by tracking costs, trends, and inventory turnover.

Take Inventory

Faster than spreadsheets

Backbar users have reduced time spent on inventory by up to 66%.


Our software feels familiar to spreadsheets but the experience is fluid and faster so you save hours of work.


Quickly filter items, search by drink type or name, and customize item order to speed through counts.

Manage Inventory Locations

Get organized with locations

Create a new location in Backbar and all of your products will be added to it. Just count the items on hand and forget the rest. 


Feel content knowing you can track your products no matter where they're stocked in your venue.


See inventory reports for individual locations for a clearer view of how inventory flows through your bars.

Reports - Session Overview

Less work with team inventory

Staff can take inventory at the same time in different locations to reduce the workload and stress of closing inventory.


All your counts and data will sync from each location so you can see a full inventory overview or view inventory data for specific locations. 

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