Simplify                    bar inventory management

Streamline inventory management behind the bar by taking counts, costing recipes, and tracking profits in one place with Backbar.
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The fastest growing bar inventory software

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Better oversight reduces costs


Whether you need to tidy up wine inventory or cost draft bars, you can count on Backbar.


  • Take inventory
  • Price menu items
  • Cost recipes
  • Place purchase orders from any beverage vendor
  • Track cost-of-goods and inventory performance with automated reports

Cut time spent on inventory by 70%


The Backbar app is built for speed so you can spend less time taking counts and more time on hospitality.

  • Take counts on our mobile app or web platform
  • Record and analyze inventory performance by location
  • Create custom inventory lists for streamlined management
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Simplify Purchasing

Place vendor orders with one click


Only order what you need, when you need it and reduce unnecessary expenses


  • Create orders based on par levels and product performance
  • Analyze excess inventory reports to cut back on costs
  • Feel confident about what you've orderd


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