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Simplify beverage management

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Shelf-to-app mobile inventory


Save hours on inventory counts with our intuitive mobile app that saves the order you count items in so you can match shelf layout and speed through counts.

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One click vendor purchasing


Simplify weekly ordering by placing all orders with a single click. Preview costs by vendor and track spending habits to lower costs.


Simple drink & recipe costing


Price wine, beers, spirits, and cocktail or food recipes. Quickly calculate cost, profit, and menu prices for improved cost control.

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Suggested par levels


Backbar tracks product usage rates and then suggests par levels based on how quickly you sell through items so reduce spending by knowing what items to order and what not to.

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Track Cost of goods sold


Enter sales data from your point-of-sale system and Backbar will calculate cost-of-goods-sold for wine, beer, and spirits to help you run a more efficient and profitable bar.

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Analyze performance


Backbar organizes your inventory and purchasing data into insightful, automated reports so you can see the strongest performers in your bar and what you can make stronger.


No risk to sign up. Here's why:


As a way to help bars and restaurants recover from the impact of Covid-19, we're providing 3 months free use of Backbar's Essential and Professional subscription plans.


If you take advantage of 3 months free on our subscription plans, you can always downgrade to our free plan at any time to continue using Backbar at no cost. Backbar always provides a free-forever basic plan.


We believe our software can help businesses rebuild by running a leaner and more profitable bar program once guests return to dining and drinking out. With this offer, we hope to help you strengthen your business over the upcoming months as you rebuild during initial reopening.

Thank you for making my life easier. 

Shawn Lane

No Regrets Bar - Las Vegas

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