Smart organization, faster inventory

Backbar speeds up taking inventory with product filters and sorting options to make taking counts seamless and quick.

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Product image of last counted filter applied during inventory session
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Put every product in its right place

When you take inventory, Backbar remembers the order you count products in.  


The next time you take inventory, you can choose to automatically sort your inventory list in the same order you counted items in during the last inventory. 


Don't lose time searching for items on the shelf or on the app. 

Quickly find the items you need to count

Set product filters to pull up different item types when taking inventory. Whether you want to see all spirits, or just view your whiskeys, you can filter out the noise for an easy counting experience.

multiple filters applied during an inventory session
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Auto-populate new locations

When creating inventory locations Backbar will automatically add products to new locations so you don't waste time setting up new locations. Take your counts once, and Backbar will save your items for easy inventory next time.

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Offline counts still count

Even if you lose internet connection during inventory you can keep counting and updates will automatically sync when your device reconnects. Never lose work or worry about taking counts.

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