Track your inventory's lifecycle

Usage rates show you how fast a product sells, so you know when it's time to order and when to save money.

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Inventory usage report in Backbar
Inventory usage trends graph for Backbar inventory app

Tracking usage rates shows you the big picture

Backbar calculates usage rates by pulling data from inventory counts, purchasing, and sales so you have a holistic view of inventory performance that puts you in control.

See where you're losing money

With excess inventory reports, Backbar utilizes usage rates to show you which products are overstocked so you can cut costs and grow profits.

Excess Inventory Chart showing value of wine inventory
Illustration of liquid drop and lightbulb

 Simplify placing orders

Backbar suggests par levels for items based on usage rates so you can simplify decision making when purchasing products from vendors.

Illustration of half-filled liquor bottle with magnifying glass

Grow profits with a lean bar 

Tracking usage rates is the best way to reduce inventory stock and lower costs for your bar. You can increase profits without raising prices or sacrificing standards.

Streamline bar management with Backbar

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One-Click Purchasing
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Color-Coded Inventory