Add clarity to inventory finances

From inventory breakdowns to purchasing reports, gain insights into your bar program to maximize profits.
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Track data grow your bottom line

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Break down your inventory into beverage segments like red wine and white wine to see where your money is most heavily invested.


Review inventory reports for up to 6 months of past inventory to track changes month by month.

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Track your spend by distributor and analyze your purchases to streamline how you spend money.

Segment products by drink type to see which areas of your beverage program you're most invested in.

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Quick export allows you to easily share csv report with accountants or business owners.

Access reports from any device or location for convenient review of finances and data.

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Pre-Built Reports

With Backbar, you can quickly analyze your bar inventory without the need of complicated spreadsheet formulas.


Accessible reports help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your beverage program.

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Lower Liquor Costs

Lowering liquor costs is one of the smartest ways to increase profits from alcohol sales. 


Inventory and purchasing reports shine a light on areas of your bar program that can be tweaked to maximize profits. 

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Maintain a Budget

Purchasing reports will help you build a budget and stick to it. 


View order history and track how you spend your money to ensure you're not overspending and overstocked. 

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