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Backbar is a software platform for web and mobile devices that enables restaurants and bars to manage their beverage operations including inventory, purchasing, cost control, financial reporting and more. Backbar primarily focuses on alcoholic beverages, but restaurants can also use the software for non-alcoholic products, supplies, food and any other items they wish to track.


Launched in May of 2019 as the first free-forever beverage management software, Backbar is now used by over 3,300 restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos and other businesses in the United States and internationally.


Backbar is replacing spreadsheets as the standard for managing bar programs and automating many of the tedious inventory and purchasing tasks that staff do manually. That's why our software is designed for a simple and intuitive user experience accessible to any hospitality operator, from the time-pressed owner/operator of a neighborhood tavern to the beverage director overseeing a handful of fancy cocktail programs. 


Here's a quick overview of what Backbar offers:

  • Mobile inventory
  • Ordering from vendors
  • Tools to calculate drink costs, profit margins, and menu prices
  • Tools to create and cost recipes for food and drink
  • Track performance like cost of goods sold, product usage rates, and excess inventory
  • Automated alerts for tracking cost changes and suggestions for par levels
  • Training material for staff to read tasting notes in the Backbar mobile app

Covid-19 Assistance Offer

As a way to help bars and restaurants recover from the impact of Covid-19, we're providing 6 months free use of Backbar's Essential and Professional subscription plans.


We believe our software can help businesses rebuild by running a leaner and more profitable bar program once guests return to dining and drinking out. With this offer, we hope to help our customers strengthen their business over the upcoming months as they rebuild during initial reopenings.


Backbar also provides a free-forever basic plan. Any customer that signs up for 6 months free on our subscription plans, can always switch to our free plan at any time to continue using Backbar at no cost. 

Backbar Brand Design

At Backbar, we're really proud of what we've built. Please see below for downloadable versions of our logo and product images for use in press and media coverage. For any other use, please contact us for permission.




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