Streamline vendor purchasing

Seamlessly place orders with vendors to keep your bar stocked without the hassle of text, email, and phone calls.
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Simplify purchasing and reduce costs

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With one click you can email each order to your vendors so you don't need to juggle multiple communication lines.

Create orders right from your inventory counts with our easy order builder so you don't need to spend time spot checking physical inventory.

Set par levels and filter below par and out of stock items to instantly see what products you need.

Invoice Upload

Save digital invoices in our invoice vault for quick reference and better organization.

View purchase history to track cost changes and order quantities to avoid stock and spend overages.

Check in deliveries when received to automatically add new purchases to inventory counts.

Track and analyze your purchases by distributor for better clarity on where money is spent.

Plug holes in your purchasing habits to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce liquor costs that eat profits.

Spotlight low performing items to trim down your inventory and reserve budgets for high earning products.

Build Orders

Quickly build orders

Backbar's ordering platform syncs your inventory and purchases by giving you the power to see inventory totals and place orders from one screen.


With Backbar's mobile app you can mark items for order while you're still behind the bar when a product is low or out of stock.

Order History

View order history

Sort and search through order history to analyze past purchases so you can better understand ordering habits and stay inline with budgets and financial goals.


Retrieve invoices in your order history without searching through a filing cabinet.

Order Cart

Track spend

Improve cost tracking by inputting your invoice costs and adding additional fees to your orders like case breakage or tax.


Clearly see your spend with distributors to leverage better costs.

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