Educate staff with Shift Notes

Servers can brush up on drink offerings from their own mobile device, absolutely free!
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Free... Easy... Effective...

Free lifetime use of Backbar. Android and iOS apps are available for free in the App Stores.


No hidden monthly fees or surcharges. Backbar will never ask you for credit card information or email you saying your free trial has ended.


Invite servers, bartenders and waitstaff to your Backbar account. No fees for additional users.

Shift Notes works automatically. There is nothing to setup because it pulls from your inventory items automatically.


Backbar has an extensive beverage database with tasting notes, images and drink information on hundreds of thousands of wines, beers and spirits.


1. Simply invite servers and bartenders to your Backbar account as users.

2. Staff downloads the free iOS or Android app and creates an account with their invited email address.

3. Staff can access Shift Notes on their mobile device.

Staff education is critical to providing a great customer experience. Servers need to know about menu items in order to sell them effectively.


The Backbar mobile app provides a free, easy to use, training tool for all restaurant bar staff.

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See the newest menu items at a glance

Staff can quickly browse all menu items added within the last seven days so they can be informed of new menu additions.


With beer taps rotating frequently, wine vintages changing, and items being 86'd, it's hard to constantly stay up to date on new items. Backbar makes it easy for servers and bartenders to learn about the ever changing local beers, craft spirits and new wines.

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Knowledgeable staff = more sales

Backbar's database includes descriptions, images and other drink information to educate your staff automatically. You don't need to spend hours digging up tech sheets or compiling research yourself, Backbar handles it for you.


When you add a new drink to inventory, or add a new recipe to your menu, Backbar will automatically display the item information to staff in the Shift Notes section of the mobile app.


Take control of your inventory today