Our Backstory

Backbar evolved from digital beverage menu company Uncorkd, which has helped restaurants cut costs and grow profits since 2011.


The Uncorkd team has worked with hundreds of independent restaurants and bars, corporate groups, casinos, hotels, private clubs, and even landed aboard cruise ships and private yachts—essentially working with every type of venue that serves alcohol on premise.


For the past eight years we've listened to our customers and learned that managing inventory is one of the biggest challenges and most time-consuming tasks that operators face. Our team took that customer feedback and we spun out Backbar, a platform to better manage inventory and back-of-house operations. We strive to create tools with a simple user experience... a swiss army app for managing your beverage program.

Why Choose Backbar?

For bars and restaurants, alcohol sales are critical to success and profitability. That's why Backbar has put so much work into building a platform that can help bar programs maximize the money made from drink sales. 


Our goal with Backbar was to make our software accessible for every type of hospitality venue. We wanted small, neighborhood taverns and multi-unit chains to find value and simplicity in our product. That's why we provide a completely free version of our software.


During the two years of developing Backbar we learned even more about what features bar operators need by talking with bartenders, bar owners, and beverage directors. Backbar was developed by and for restaurant professionals. 

Our Mission

At Backbar, we're really proud of what we've built. We want to provide an efficient and practical inventory solution that you can depend on. Through a simple and intuitive user experience, we want to replace spreadsheets as the go-to beverage management platform.

Meet Our Team

Josh Headshot Square 500x500
Josh Headshot Square 500x500

Josh Saunders


If I were to open a restaurant or bar...It would be an Island/Beach theme. Not a tiki bar, but a laid back atmosphere that reminds you of the most relaxing places on earth, with exotic drinks, hammocks and comfy couches. There would be chill music and a rooftop space to lounge with all your friends and share a drink as the sun sets.

Favorite Drink:  Pisco Mezcal Margarita

Chrystal Headshot Square 500x500
Chrystal Headshot Square 500x500

Chrystal Ragasa


Favorite Drink: 3 Floyds Zombie Dust

Kyle Headshot Square 500x500
Kyle Headshot Square 500x500

Kyle Thacker


If I were to open a restaurant or bar...It would be a rustic restaurant with 10-seats or so in a remote beach or ski town. I could cook and have one person run the front-of-house and we could serve tourists a memorable meal with local ingredients. It would only be open a few days a week, leaving plenty of time to surf or snowboard.

Favorite Drink: A manhattan. It's a simple classic that hits the spot in any weather. I picked up the habit from grandfather. 


Jordan Brydges


If I were to open a restaurant or bar... It would be a multi room concept kind of like a maze, interactive space or museum, you could go from room to room and they could all have different concepts, one might look like your grandma's living room and the next might look like you're on a beach maybe one full of bean bags and maybe one that would look like a campsite.

Favorite Drink: A Moscow mule, always refreshing and goes with anything.

Valeri Headshot
Valeri Headshot

Valeri Sert


Favorite Drink: Chivas Regal and Budweiser

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