Keep up with changing costs

Backbar’s invoice data capture keeps invoices organized and updates your data automatically so item costs and reports are always accurate. 

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Invoice photo import on Backbar app

Upload invoices right from your phone

Take a photo of your invoice in Backbar. Once uploaded, our team will put in the cost information from your invoice for the products you recieved.

Easy oversight keeps you in control

Be confident that your costs and data will always be up-to-date so reports, profit margins, and spending totals will be accurate and reflect your true costs.

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Weighted costs

Backbar uses first-in, first-out accounting. When your costs change, they'll be adjusted as you sell through inventory bought at different unit costs.

Illustration of Backbar mobile app and alert symbol

Get alerted to cost increases

You’ll be notified when your product costs
increase so you can adjust menu pricing or
cocktail ingredients to maintain your
target profit margins.

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