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  • take inventory faster with our iOS and Android apps
  • place weekly orders with vendors more quickly
  • get detailed reporting on bar performance
  • educate staff with tasting notes and product information


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If you are just looking for an excel spreadsheet template, complete the below form for the free inventory sheet. A highly functional spreadsheet that helps you record, track, and analyze your liquor inventory.

Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Bar inventory spreadsheet

Free Bar Spreadsheet Template


Bar and liquor inventory is a headache for every bar manager and bartender tasked with taking bottle counts. But this spreadsheet will help you manage inventory to maintain a profitable program that focuses on profits and high performance. 


Here's the value this spreadsheet provides:


  • Record Inventory Counts
  • Record Counts by Location
  • Input Purchases
  • Track costs by unit and per ounce
  • Highlight items below par
  • See your inventory totals by dollars and volume


A Better Way to Manage Inventory


Rather than using spreadsheets, try using Backbar, the free-forever restaurant inventory software. Backbar is a cloud-based platform to manage your entire beverage program, from inventory to ordering to staff training. Use our mobile app to take inventory faster and enable others to count with you simultaneously. Cut the time it takes to put together and place your weekly orders, and track your spending. Utilize our extensive wine, beer and spirits database to train your waitstaff and bartenders with tasting notes, images and producer information. Staff can access drink information right from their own phones.


Try Backbar's Free Inventory App