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Point-of-sale integration

Backbar integrates with the most popular POS systems like Toast and Square to automate inventory and track important KPIs like Inventory Variance and Cost of Goods Sold. Learn more about POS integration here. Read below for an intro to using the calculator and to see what the average liquor costs are across the restaurant industry.

How to use the drink cost calculator

First, enter your bottle size and bottle cost. Then adjust your ideal pour cost to liquor cost percentage and menu pricing.


Average liquor costs for the restaurant industry

It's good to know the benchmark pour costs to see if your liquor costs are in line with industry averages. Your actual cost percentages may differ slightly, which is expected.


These industry averages are only guidelines. The costs that are acceptable costs depend on a host of factors like the type of restaurant or bar you operate. For example, a wine bar with unique wine selections is going to have higher costs on average than a sports bar selling a draft beer by the barrel. This chart will give you a good benchmark for acceptable liquor cost percentages.


Infographic of Restaurant Industry Averages for Pour Costs


How many ounces are in a liquor bottle


Here's a simple chart to help you remember the number of ounces for bottles of liquor, beer, and wine, as well as keg sizes.


Alcohol Measurement Quick Guide (1)


Why knowing your liquor cost percentage is so important


The revenue and, more importantly, the profits that you earn off each sale in your restaurant or bar are directly tied to your the cost of goods sold. Whether it's food sales or beer sales, the price you pay vendors for your products will determine the prices you set on your menu.


Like any retail business, a bar's success is dependent on a sustainable profit margin. By costing out your drinks and making sure your wine, beer, and liquor are within an acceptable range of costs, you can make sure you're always hitting acceptable profit margins. 


If you're looking to find your pour costs for cocktails, try our free cocktail calculator.


More liquor cost resources from Backbar


Download our free drink cost calculator spreadsheet to cost drinks and save recipes in an Excel spreadsheet. Looking for more ways to track your liquor costs? Try our liquor cost formula cheat sheet to learn more advanced ways to analyze beverage performance.


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Backbar is a restaurant & bar inventory solution for mobile and web. You'll make everyday tasks easier by spending less time crunching numbers and more time helping guests.


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