Liquor and Drink Cost Calculator

A simple, pre-built Excel spreadsheet template with pricing formulas to make running your bar a little easier. Complete the below form to be emailed the free drink price calculator spreadsheet.
Liquor price calculator resource image

Use this drink pricing and cost calculator template to calculate the costs for your wines, beers and spirits. Enter an item with it's bottle (or keg) size and your cost for the item. The spreadsheet automatically calculates your cost per ounce. Add in your menu price and the spreadsheet will also calculate your profit margin and price markup. Includes the ability to price wine by the glass by specifying your standard wine glass pour size.


Save Time on Drink Pricing and Drive Profits

  • Calculate wine bottle and glass pour pricing
  • Calculate beer pricing and account for keg & pour size
  • Calculate liquor pricing
  • Organize Distributors
  • Find the margins to make your bar more profitable