Cut time spent on inventory by 70%

Strengthen your bar program with easier inventory, better cost control, and more oversight on performance.

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A simple solution to speed up bar inventory

Image of Backbar's Inventory page with an inset to show Sales and taking inventory on mobile

Take inventory one-handed

Backbar’s mobile app speeds up inventory with a simple design that doesn’t overwhelm and allows you to count items with a single tap.

Track sales data

Add sales data for wine, beer, and sales to track cost of goods sold to better understand how your inventory impacts sales and profits.

Share work to get it done faster

Collaborate on inventory for more oversight

Collaborate with co-workers on inventory and utilize color-coded staff labels to track progress during inventory and know who counted what items. 


Learn more about color-coded IDs

Create a profit-driven menu

Cost out wine pours, cocktail recipes, and more with our drink price calculator and recipe builder.  


You can quickly find liquor cost percentage, profit margins, and suggested menu prices for beverages and cocktails


Learn more about the price calculator
Learn more about recipes

Make bar management easier