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Backbar simplifies inventory management with a solution built for every restaurant. Manage costs, invoices, monthly counts, and sales in one place.

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Streamline your inventory workflow

Manage all inventory from vintage wine to fresh produce. Our flexible platform allows you to keep inventory organized, quickly enter counts, and connect with your point-of-sale to automatically update inventory.

Boost profits with stronger cost controls

Cost out drinks, food recipes, and more with our product cost calculator and recipe builder. Set profit goals and see suggested menu prices so every sale you make turns a profit.

Each item in your inventory comes with a tool that calculates its profit, cost, and pour cost for you.
When you upload an invoice, Backbar automatically extracts key data like product quantities and costs.

Sync invoices with inventory

Upload vendor invoices in a few clicks to add order details to inventory. Get a clear view of how inventory moves through your business by simplifying vendor ordering and invoice management. 

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