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Control inventory from purchasing to sales and lower every cost in-between.

“I have been able to catch some major errors in counts and pricing. ...I would recommend Backbar to other bars and restaurants. It is like the heavens opened up.”

Denis Shafer

- Swim Club

Inventory in, inventory out

Optimize inventory

Cut inventory time in half with a platform built for speed that simplifies how you count products.

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Simplify ordering

Sync invoices with inventory to streamline how costs, products, and stock counts are updated.

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Control costs

Track item cost changes and calculate pour costs for drinks to make sure your business stays profitable.

The easiest solution for inventory

Replace spreadsheets with a flexible platform that connects each step of inventory management. From taking counts, costing drinks, and placing orders, Backbar streamlines inventory by bridging the gaps of beverage management.

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When you upload an invoice to Backbar, it extracts quantities and prices automatically.

Streamlined order management

Email orders directly to sales reps or upload invoices for past orders to track cost changes, update counts, and add new products to inventory without the hassle of manual updates.

Connect sales and costs

Backbar syncs with top point-of-sale systems to update inventory in real-time and track sales alongside costs so you can check profitability and performance every day.

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“Thank you for making my life easier.”

Shawn Lane

- No Regrets Club

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