Built to get your bar in order

Control inventory from purchasing to sales and lower every cost inbetween.

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Illustration of a box with liquor bottle going in and a dollar sign coming out

Optimize inventory

Cut inventory time in half with an intuitive mobile app that’s more accessible than spreadsheets, promotes staff collaboration, and flat-out makes inventory easier.

Illustration of clipboard with mouse pointer clicking a shopping cart button

1-click purchasing

Filter items by par and inventory level to easily see what you need to order, preview order costs, then place orders with a single click to simplify vendor purchasing.

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Liquor cost control

Track product costs, set profit margins for beverages or cocktail recipes, and review inventory performance to help reduce costs and grow profits.

“I like the ability to see my inventory data and look up product information and pricing no matter where I am, or what device that I am on.”

Denis Shafer - Swim Club


Speed up inventory counts

Replace spreadsheets with a flexible platform that connects each step of inventory management. From taking counts to costing drinks, Backbar optimizes inventory.

Mobile inventory

Backbar makes you more productive.

Streamline everyday tasks so you can focus on the fun side of hospitality.


Laptop showing shopping cart screen in Backbar

Simplify ordering from distributors

Backbar makes weekly purchasing seamless by showing you what products you need to order and what you don’t. Send orders with Backbar, then upload invoices for reference and track spending habits to lower your costs.

"Thank you for making my life easier."

Shawn Lane - No Regrets Bar


See bar performance clearly

Backbar organizes your inventory and purchasing data into insightful, automated reports so you can see the strongest performers in your bar and what you can make stronger.

Laptop showing spending trends report in Backbar

Manage your full bar program with Backbar