Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Backbar is really free, forever.
We decided to make Backbar free because we developed a great product that we want to get into as many hands as possible. We recognize that it's not easy or fun to switch inventory systems or take a chance on a new product that may not work well for you, and so we have tried to reduce the risk as much as possible to using our product.
We don't yet, and that's okay, we're in no rush. For the majority of restaurants and bars, our free product will be all they need to run a better and more efficient beverage program. However in the future we will also offer paid tiers for beverage programs that want additional reporting, operate multiple locations or want automated insights and suggestions.

Yes. All sensitive data such as passwords are encrypted. Backbar runs on Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud provider in the world.

In fact, your data is likely much safer with Backbar than keeping spreadsheets on a single computer.

What happens if your hard drive crashes?
What if the laptop gets stolen?
What if an employee quits and leaves with the files?
What if you need to look up information, but the person who typically handles it is out sick or on vacation?

With Backbar, you have secure access to your information anytime, anywhere.

That's okay, your data is completely portable and you can export your information at any time. If you try taking inventory in Backbar for a couple months and don't like it, you can export your spreadsheets and do it your old way.
Our team has been building hospitality software for almost ten years, and have been in the hospitality industry for much more. Visit our about page to learn more.
No. We've found that the fastest way to input counts is to tap with your finger by going shelf to screen. We've made our interface flexible so that you can filter your products in Backbar to match how they are organized, or sort them in the same order they were counted last time. Plus UPC barcodes are unreliable (or sometimes not on the product at all) for on premise alcohol.
No. Our goal is to make doing inventory fast and easy, with a focus on simplicity. If you are looking for the precision of measuring every ounce of every bottle, and spending the extra hours each week to do that, Backbar is not for you.
Yes, our platform is agnostic to nearly any vendor. When you place an order through Backbar, we generate a purchase order and send it to your vendor contact.
You can place orders with your state store or warehouse through Backbar if they are able to accept orders via email. This is possible in some, but not all, control states. Additionally, you can place orders with any private distributor or vendor that you use. So if spirits are controlled in your state and must be ordered directly from a state store, you can still place wine and beer orders through Backbar with other vendors.
You can use Backbar through your computer on the web, or on iOS or Android tablets or phones by using our app.
Yes, absolutely. That makes counting inventory more efficient and you can see counts being updated by co-workers in real-time. You can even see who was involved in counting inventory, in which locations and when.
Not currently. We're focused on simplicity and having a product that is much better and more efficient than spreadsheets and manual tasks. POS systems add a lot of complexity and often times under-deliver on expectations for perpetual inventory systems. We may add POS integrations in the future based on customer demand.
If you have a general suggestion or product idea, please submit a support ticket on our support site.
Backbar is only for commercial use by restaurants, bars or other businesses that serve alcohol on premise. We may verify all organizations that sign up, which can include contacting the business. If we cannot locate information about your business we may request further details from you to prove the business is legitimate. If we do not receive a timely, valid response, your account may be terminated. For further information, please see our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

Backbar allows only one organization account to exist for a business. If your organization already has an account, you cannot create another one. Instead, ask your admin to invite you to the organization.

If your previous admin no longer works at your organization, or you don't know who your admin is, please submit a support ticket and provide your organization details. We will require you to verify your ownership or employment by the organization before granting you access.

Well thank you, we're glad you enjoy using Backbar, but no need to send us anything. We would appreciate if you told your friends, co-workers and other industry professionals about Backbar though!