Place orders with a single click 

Send orders to vendors and manage invoices right from your phone. Backbar is a smart system for purchase orders.

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As easy as online shopping

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Make better decisions when building orders 

Set pars for items and filter products by inventory levels when building orders so it’s clear what you need to order and what items can wait until next week.

Order reminders keep you on track

Set automated reminders to place orders so when work throws you distractions, you won't miss a deadline. 

Keep purchasing data organized and accessible

Automatically update inventory and costs from invoices

Upload invoices and have inventory counts, product costs, and new items automatically added to your account. Simplify order management by removing manual updates.


Learn more about invoice data capture

Stay alert to cost changes

Get notified of changing product costs and review cost variance reports to analyze cost changes over time.

Make bar management easier