A more convenient way to order

Your shopping cart gives you a clear view of orders, from costs to quantities, so orders are organized and sent with one click.

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Shopping cart - desktop

Make better spending choices

Preview costs for each item before sending orders and see total costs with each vendor so you can control spend or hit order minimums with distributors. 

Avoid purchasing mistakes

Backbar's shopping cart organizes order lists by vendor so you have a clear view of products and costs. Make adjustments to order quantity or add notes for your sales rep to make sure everything is right before sending orders.

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Hold items for future orders

Whether planning for upcoming events or reducing costs by skipping item orders, Backbar makes it easy to save orders in the shopping cart for future purchases.

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Place all orders with a single tap 

Send orders by email to each sales rep simultaneously from your shopping cart. Stop juggling between text, email, and calls and restock your bar without stress.

Get more done with Backbar

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Track Vendor Spend
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