Set prices, see profits

Quickly find and adjust margins and price markups for drinks to help lower pour costs.

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The drink price calculator screen

Build a menu that works for your business and customers

Our pricing calculator shows you all the key points of pricing drinks - pour cost, profits, and menu prices- so you can tweak costs to boost profits.

Make costing cocktails simple

Quickly adjust costs or ingredients in cocktails to see profits and create a balanced bar program with a healthy bottom line.

Illustration of cocktail shaker and lime

Find the right products  

With our recipe builder you can quickly change ingredients in cocktails to see which products fit within your costs to create delicious and profitable drinks.

Illustration of a chart with lines pointing to a beaker filled with different liquids

Take inventory on recipes

Build recipes for bulk items like mixers or pre-batched cocktails and count batched recipes in inventory to keep quantities accurate.

Do more with Backbar

Backbar inventory app and liquor bottle
Shift Notes
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Invoice Data Capture
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Track Inventory Usage