Never stress over ordering

Always know what to order from distributors with smart par level suggestions based on real product usage.

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A man using Backbar's par manager to set accurate pars based on item usage.
Backbar's variance details report shows you the difference between Sales and usage for each item.

Know how quickly you pour through products

Track usage rates alongside variance to know you how much product you use each day, week, and month. Suggest pars based on usage tell you exactly how much you need to order and how often to order it.

Pars and filtering shelf to app inventory

Simplify how you order

Filter products by quantity to quickly see items that are below par or out of stock so you know what needs to be ordered and what can wait.
Scissors cutting price tag

Cut costs that hurt your business

Stop spending money on products you don't need and steer clear of unnecessary inventory by having a clear view of ordering needs.

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