How does the Automatic Invoice Data Capture work?

*Professional Plan Only - Have all your invoice costs automatically entered into your Backbar orders for you

All costs from your invoices will be entered for you automatically just by taking a picture of your invoice in the app or uploading your invoice from the web. This allows you to track accurate costs, without doing all the data entry. Here are the steps to use the Automatic Invoice Data Capture:
1. Build and place your orders in Backbar, or add an existing order from the Order History page, putting in the products for your weekly order.

2. When you receive your order, you can upload your invoice on your order. You can do this from the website by going to the order and uploading a file from your computer, but it is usually easier to do using the mobile app because you can just take a photo of the invoice. Go to your Order History in the app, tap on the order and there will be a camera icon at the top of the app you can use to take a photo of your invoice. Be sure you take a clear, legible photo that can be easily read.

3. Confirm delivery and close your order. We don't know exactly what was delivered, so you are still responsible for making sure the quantities are accurate on your order before closing it.

4. Within 1-2 business days, all the prices on your invoice will be entered into your order in Backbar. This will help you track actual costs and spend, without needing to do all the data entry to put your invoice info into Backbar.
If there is a descrepancy between your invoice and the original order you put in Backbar, we may add internal notes to your order. You will receive an in-app notification when we add any notes for you to review. These notes are typically when the quantity in the invoice doesn't match the order or if there are products on the order that aren't in the invoice, or vice-versa. Because we don't know what was actually delivered by your vendor, it is your responsibility to make sure quantities in Backbar are correct and adjust them if necessary if they don't match an invoice.

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