How does the Automatic Invoice Data Capture work?

    *Professional Plan Only 

    All costs and items from your invoices will be entered for you automatically just by taking a picture of your invoice in the app or uploading your invoice from the web. This allows you to accurately track new inventory quantities and costs without doing all the data entry.
    Here are the steps to use the Automatic Invoice Data Capture:
    1. Build and place your orders in Backbar, or create an order by going to the Order History page and clicking Add Existing Order**. You'll need to create an order with a vendor before uploading your invoice. 

    **Currently, you can only Add Existing Order on the web version of Backbar. This will be changing soon. The easiest way to upload an invoice is to create the order on the web, and then take a photo of your invoice through the Backbar mobile app to add to your created order.
    2. When you receive your order, you can upload your invoice on your order. You can do this from the website by going to the order and uploading a file from your computer by drag&drop into the Invoice container or by clicking Browse and uploading the file from your computer. You can also take a photo from the mobile app to add the image to the order.  
    Go to your Order History in the app, tap on the order and there will be a camera icon at the top of the app you can use to take a photo of your invoice. Be sure you take a clear, legible photo that can be easily read.

    3. Confirm delivery and close your order. 

    4. Within 1-2 business days, your invoice will be processed and the order completed in Backbar. Our data team will add or edit the following information:
    • Add products, order quantities, and item costs. 
    • Update order quantities and set out-of-stock items to "0" if the invoice shows different quantities than the order
    • Add new products to your account when you bring in a new product
    • Make notes to alert you to any differences between the order place in Backbar and the invoice You will receive an in-app notification when we add any notes for you to review. 


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