How to create a recipe in Backbar?

    Select Inventory from the navigation menu and choose Recipes. Select ingredients and adjust volumes to see yeild and costs.

    Log into the Backbar web portal and select inventory from the navigation menu and then choose recipes. Enter the name of your recipe and select a recipe type of cocktail or food


    Next, click the dropdown arrow in the Add Ingredients box to begin adding recipe ingredients by selecting the ingredients from your Inventory Items.  Remember to select and add an ingredient to a recipe, the item needs to be saved as an Inventory Item. You can’t add miscellaneous items to a recipe. 


    Once you select an ingredient, input the volume and measurement unit used for the recipe


    The total cost of your recipe will update as you add more ingredients and volumes to the recipe. For costs to be calculated, each item needs to have costs entered.


    After you’ve completed the recipe, you can see cost percentage, menu price, and profit for the new recipe. Adjust any of these fields to see updates to cost information.


    When you’re happy with your recipe costs, make sure to click save menu price before exiting to save your recipe.




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