Creating a User Account and Organization

    An overview of user accounts, organizations and locations, and how they all fit together. 

    During the signup process there are a few steps to complete. The first step is creating your user account. Think of this as your personal identity on Backbar. If you switch jobs or work at multiple bars/restaurants, your user account will follow you. Therefore, you may wish to use your personal email address.


    If no one has previously created your organization yet in Backbar, that will be the second step. This includes putting in the basic information such as your address. Please note that all information will be verified. It is against our terms of service to input information that is not legitimate and your user and organization account may be suspended if that happens.


    If your organization already exists, you will need to request an invite from an existing admin or manager of your organization. Once an admin or manager has sent an invite, you will receive a link to complete the signup process and you will automatically belong to that organization and any locations they gave you access to. If you cannot find out who your admins or managers are, or they are no longer at your establishment, please contact Backbar for assistance by submitting a support ticket.


    An organization can consist of one or more locations. Organizations on a free plan are limited to a single location, while all paid plans can have multiple locations. Organization admins can create additional locations and add users with different permissions to access specific locations.

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