How can I quickly search, filter and sort my items?

    Find what you need in your inventory quickly by using Backbar's search, filter, and sort options.

    Above the table of your items on the Inventory Items and Build Orders pages and during an inventory session within Take Inventory is a search box where you can search and filter the list of items. The search box not only searches by name, but also by any drink or item attributes. This is very handy for finding the subset of items that you need.


    You can filter items by type and subtype as well by using the search box, or the dropdown menus next to it. Use the dropdown to filter by status, such as in stock, below par and out of stock items.

    On any of these pages you can sort your list by clicking on the column heading name at the top of the table. For example to sort by Bin #, simply click on the heading Bin #.


    When taking inventory there is also an option to sort by last counted. This will automatically sort your list in order by how it was counted the last time you took inventory. After you take inventory one time, this is usually the most efficient method to sort your items for taking inventory in the future.

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