How do I add a vendor?

This article discusses how to add a vendor to place orders and track spend.

Before you can place any orders in Backbar, you must add your vendors. Start by going to Orders > Manage Vendors in the left hand navigation panel. Then click on the Add button.

Begin by searching for the name of your vendor. If you see your vendor listed, click on the vendor name. If not, click on Click here to create a new vendor.

Manage Vendors - Search


Enter the vendor details. Below is a description of all of the fields:


  • Vendor Name - Full company name of the vendor
  • Account # - Your unique account number for that vendor
  • Minimum Order - Any minimum spend you must have to place an order (or avoid an additional fee)
  • Vendor Notes - Internal notes you wish to save for this vendor. The vendor will not see these notes.
  • Delivery Schedule - The day(s) this vendor makes a delivery
  • Order Cutoff Time - The day and time your order must be placed by to meet the scheduled delivery day
  • Vendor Contacts - The person or people that your orders should be sent to. You must include a name and email address for your orders to be sent.
Manage Vendors - Vendor Details


Once vendors have been created, you must assign vendors to items before orders can be placed. You can assign items in any of the following ways (listed from easiest to hardest):

  1. From the Build Orders or Inventory Items pages, use the Actions button to bulk assign vendors to multiple items at once by first checking the check mark next to each item to assign.
  2. From the Build Orders or Inventory Items pages, click into an individual item and at the bottom of the page select the correct vendor from the drop-down menu next to vendor.
  3. If you add an item to your shopping cart and it does not have a vendor assigned yet, you will be required to assign the vendor to each item in the cart before the order can be placed.

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