How do I add new items to inventory?

    This article walks through how to add new items to your Backbar inventory.

    1. To add new items to your inventory, first navigate to Inventory > Inventory Items in the left navigation panel. Then click on the button that says Add New Item.


    Add New Inventory Item


    2. Next, select the time of item you would like to add. Other Item is any individual item that is not a wine, beer or spirit. Recipe is a combination of other items already in your inventory, such as a cocktail recipe or food dish.

    3a. If you are adding an Other Item, you can then enter in the item information and inventory information.

    3b. If you are adding a wine, beer or spirit, start typing the name of the drink you are adding. This will search the Backbar database for the drink. The search not only searches the name, but also vintage, varietal, drink style, producer, and more. The results regenerate with each character you type for your search. So it is best to start broad with the brand or producer name and then get more specific if necessary with the vintage, style or drink appellation.


    Add New Drink Search


    4a. If you see the drink you need in the list of results, click on the row. It will then open up with the drink information. Scroll down to the Inventory Information section and enter in your data. On the right side under Quantity on Hand you can enter in a starting quantity. You can also add the item to your cart to place an order for the item from your vendor underneath Add To Order Cart. Click the Save button when done.

    4b. If you cannot find your item after searching, click the button below the search results that says click here to create a new drink. You can then enter in the drink information and your inventory information for that item.

    Important Note: It is important to try to find your drink in the database, if it exists. While sometimes it may seem easier to just create things from scratch, you then lose out on important Backbar functionality. For example, reports segment your inventory information based on drink attributes in our database and training and educational information on drinks for bartenders and wait staff is based on information in our database. 

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