How do I put in an order I placed outside of Backbar?

    If you place an order outside of Backbar, you can and should still enter the order into Backbar.

    If you place an order outside of Backbar, for example by telling a sales rep in person or on the phone, you can still record this order through the app. Go to the Order History page, then click Add Existing Order. Choose the vendor you are adding this order for, then use the Add Items search box to add items to the order. Enter in any pertinent product information such as price or quantity, and whether you are ordering by the case or unit. Make sure to close the order by clicking Confirm Order Received so the products get added to your inventory.

    Please also note that on this page you can also send the order to other contacts, in case, for example, your original contact is out of office or the email bounced. Just click Send order to... and either select the contacts you want to send the order to or enter in an additional email address. You can click on the button to add multiple addresses. 

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