How to bulk set the vendor or size for multiple products at a time

    Set the vendor and container size for multiple products at one time using bulk actions. Here is how to do it.

    You can use bulk actions to set the vendor or size for multiple products at a time from either the Inventory > Inventory Items or Orders > Build Orders page.

    1. Check the checkboxes to the left of each product you want to update
    2. Click the gray Actions button and select either Set Vendors or Set Size.
    3. Depending on what you are updating either select the vendor or input the size, units and container (all three are required) and click the Save button.

    Important Tip: You can select all applicable products by checking the first checkbox in the blue header row of the table. This select all checkbox obeys any filters you have set above the table. For example, if you filter by Type: Wine and click to select all checkboxes, only wines will be selected and updated. Since wines and spirits often come in uniform sizes, this is a quick way to bulk assign sizes for every product in your inventory very quickly.


    Bulk Actions

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