Managing order cutoff notifications

    Cutoff notifications are a useful way to be reminded to place orders with vendors before ordering deadlines. This article describes how to setup the different notifications.

    With order cutoff notifications you can choose to be notified approximately two hours before your ordering deadline if an order has not yet been placed for the week. You can choose which vendors to receive notifications for (for example, you may only wish to receive notifications for those vendors you order from regularly) as follows:

    1. In the navigation menu go to Orders > Manage Vendors
    2. Click on a vendor to edit or add a new vendor
    3. Add a Delivery Day and Order Cutoff Time (deadline to order)
    4. Check the box that says Receive Cutoff Notification
    5. Click the Save button

    Vendor Cutoff Notifications



    You can choose where to receive the notifications as follows:

    1. Email notification
    2. Mobile push notification - requires you to have logged in from a mobile device at least one time
    3. Web in-app message - you'll receive a message notification in the top navigation bar of Backbar

    To setup which notifications to receive, click on the user icon in the top right corner and then click 

    User Profile.  Scroll down to Notification Preferences as shown below.


    User Notification Preferences


    You can check the boxes for Web, Email or Mobile on the row that says Reminders to place orders.


    Note: to be sure you receive notifications at the correct time, please be sure your locations time zone is correct. See how to set location time zone for more info.

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