How to use QR codes in Backbar

    Select Menu from the navigation sidebar in the Backbar web app and select the categories of drink and food you'd like to display on your menu. Then use the iFrame code or custom URL to host your menu online.

    Managing the menu settings

    To manage your digital menus with the QR code generator, select Menu from the sidebar navigation.


    QR Code - Category SelectNext, select the categories of items you want to display on your digital menu as shown on the left.


    Toggle the switch to the right to select a category. 


    Toggle to the left if you do not want to display a category of items on your menu 


    By default, all categories are selected. 





    Embed the menu in your own website

    The page will show a line of HTML code that you can copy and paste into a webpage on your own website where you want your menu to appear. Copy and paste this code into the HTML of your website. How you do this will depend on the hosting provider you use to manage your website, but any website host can accomodate this. You can customize the size that the menu appears on your own website by changing the width and height parameters within the code snippet.


    QR Code - iFrame Embed



    Use and customize the web link to your menu

    By default, the web link to your menu will include random characters. If you are subscribed to Backbar on the Professional plan, you can customize the URL that links to your menu online. You can brand the URL with your restaurant name for easy sharing and for better appearance when guests are redirected to the menu after scanning the QR code. 


    QR Code - Custom URL


    Using the QR code

    Download the QR Code generated for your menu and print your code in order to display it to guests. Many restaurants and bars will use these on table tents, posters, laminated cards on tables or even put on TV screens so that customers can point their phone at a screen.


    QR Codes - Download Code


    Make sure to test the code with your phone prior to service to ensure your menu is displaying properly. Most phones have native QR code readers built-in. For example, iPhones have this functionality since 2017, and most Android phones do as well. Simply open the camera app on your phone and point it at the QR code. It should detect the code and direct you to the online menu. If a guest has a phone without a QR code reader, there are many free QR code reader apps available in the app stores.


    Menu display and pricing

    Organizations on the Basic (free) plan will only see a list of their items and no prices will be listed. Organizations on the Essential and Professional plans display prices on the menu. This is because Essential and Professional plans allow for users to customize and save the serving sizes in the price calculator for each drink.


    To set the prices that display on your menu, go to Inventory > Inventory Items and click on any of your items. Go to the Price Calculator tab and enter in menu prices. Two prices will display on your menu (if they are entered). The per unit price will display in a column on the left and the per container price will display in a column to the right. Therefore, you can enter in a price for a glass of wine by specifying the size of the pour and putting in your price and the price for a bottle of wine in the right column.


    Note: Items will not display on your menu if they are out of stock (ie. the quantity is set to 0). To display on your menu, the quantity must be a positive number. By using Backbar's ordering functionality, when you receive an order from your vendor, the quantities get updated automatically and items will then reappear on your menu if they were out of stock.


    Here's an example of how the menu will look on the web and when scanning the QR code.

    QR Code - Menu Display


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