What does account verification do?

Verify your Backbar account to enable integration with our thousands of supplier partners

Backbar integrates with almost 2,000 distributor and supplier partners across the United States. By verifying your account, we are able to connect with many of your suppliers and pull in data to your account automatically, making it much easier for you to set up your account and maintain it on an ongoing basis with accurate information. Verifying your account:

  • Automatically adds your alcohol distributors (including state liquor stores if you are located within a control state)
  • Automatically pulls in products you have purchased from our integrated supplier partners, including product information, size and the most recent cost you paid for the products
  • On a daily basis, checks products you have purchased from our integrated supplier partners. If a new product is detected, it will be added to your account automatically. If an existing product is detected, we check if anything changed such as the size, cost or case quantity and updater the product accordingly. Note, data we receive from suppliers currently often has a lag of 2-3 days.


Additional functionality will be available in 2023 for verified accounts as well, including the following:
  • More comprehensive distributor data, including sales rep info, delivery dates, cutoff times, and minimum order requirements.
  • Real-time pricing data and stock availability from select distributors.
  • Available deals and discounts from select distributors.
  • Near real-time order status and order history for select distributors, including complete line-item invoice data.
  • Delivery time windows for orders being delivered along with the invoice and amount owed for the order, before it gets delivered
  • Ability to place orders directly into distributors’ systems instead of placing via email.

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