What is an inventory session?

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    Who can use this feature?

    Admins and managers

    All plans

    Inventory session is the term used to represent your monthly or weekly inventory counts. It is a snapshot of your Standing Inventory Quantities and your Cost of Goods at a specific point in time. Sessions are used to update all quantities on hand and are used in reporting

    How inventory sessions are used

    An inventory session represents a specific period in which you count all of your inventory. If you count inventory over multiple days and/or across multiple locations, those should be part of the same session. You should not close an inventory session until you are done counting all of your inventory.

    For example:
    If you take inventory monthly, you should
    have one session per month.
    If you take inventory weekly, you'll have one session per week.

    Inventory sessions and reports

    Inventory sessions are used for all inventory reports. You can review session numbers by looking at past reports.

    The inventory close date is the date used for reports. The date and time you assign to the session will be used in all reports and will represent the most recent on-hand quantities or the on-hand quantities on the date selected in the inventory report.

    You do not need to reopen an inventory session to review data, you can view the inventory reports instead.

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