What is the purpose of Shift Notes?

    Shift Notes notifies your staff in the mobile app when new items are added to your menu and provides tasting notes to educate them.

    Invite wait staff and bartenders with the role “user” to your location. Wait staff and bartenders can download the Backbar app to access Shift Notes, a special section to provide education and training on your menu items. Shift Notes shows the latest items added to your menu so they are always up-to-date on the products you need to sell. Staff can also see all menu items with their tasting notes, and even use the newly added flashcards to test their knowledge on menu offerings.

    To access Flashcards, go to Shift Notes. then select the category you want. Tap on Flashcards. Tap to flip the card to see tasting notes and product details, then swipe right to go to the next card. Swipe left to go back.





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