How do I invite my staff to access Shift Notes?

    Invite staff to join Backbar by selecting Invite New User under the Manage Users menu so they can access shift notes and other training tools in Backbar.

    To access shift notes, your staff members must have an account in Backbar for your organization. You can quickly invite new users to join your Backbar organization by selecting Manage Users from the User Admin menu and selecting Invite New User. Enter the email address you want to send the invitation to, then assign the role of User.


    Users with the role of User will be able to see Shift Notes, but not have access to other functionality such as inventory or purchasing.


    The new user will receive an email from Backbar inviting them to join your organization. They can then follow the instructions to create an account in Backbar and will be added to your organization where they can view Shift Notes from the mobile app.

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