How do I set user permissions?

    To set permissions for existing users, you must be on the Essential or Professional plan.

    First click on the user icon in the right hand corner, then select Manage Users. Click on the pencil icon of the user you want to edit, then use the toggles to set what that user can and cannot do on Backbar. If the toggle is blue, that means that the user is allowed to perform that action. If it is grey, then they cannot. 


    You can also set permissions when inviting a new user, following the same steps. 



    Manage Items - the ability to view, add, edit or delete any individual inventory items.

    Begin/End Inventory Sessions - the ability to start, end, or reopen inventory sessions. 

    Take Inventory Counts - the ability to count inventory.



    Add Items to Shopping Cart - the ability to add items to the shopping cart for building orders.

    Place Orders - the ability to place orders with vendors.

    Manage Orders - the ability to confirm received orders and reopen or edit any existing orders. 

    Manage Vendors - the ability to add, edit, or delete vendors.



    Access Menu Editor - the ability to edit menu information and adjust settings for the web-based menus



    Access Inventory Reports and Access Order Reports - Gives users access to respective inventory-related or order-related reports. Users without these permissions will be limited in information shown on certain pages, such as total inventory value or spend amounts.



    Manage Users and Permissions - the ability to add, edit or delete other users or change other users’ permissions. Regardless of this setting, users can only adjust settings for another user for which they themselves have access to.


    Manage Billing - the ability to manage organization billing details, such as changing the subscription plan and payment information.


    Location Access - choose which locations (if you have more than one) users have access to. They will not be able to access or view locations they do not have permission to.

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