What is the difference between admins, managers and users?

    Different roles have different permissions within Backbar. This articles describes the various roles and permissions.

    Each user is assigned a role for a particular organization. The three roles are described below.


    • Admin - has full access to all functionality, all organization locations, can invite and set all permissions for other users, and can access plan and billing information for the organization, if applicable.
    • Manager - has full access to all functionality and can invite users to the same locations they themselves have access to. Managers cannot access plan or billing information for the organization.
    • User - has limited access to only view items for the purposes of education and training. This information is available to Users within the Shift Notes section of the mobile app. Users cannot add items, take inventory, place orders or view reports.


    If a user belongs to multiple organizations (for example they work for two completely different restaurants), it is possible to have a different role at each organization.


    Setting more specific user permissions

    Organizations on a free plan are limited to the three roles as described above. However paid organizations can set more specific user permissions. For example, there may be a bartender who helps count inventory, but shouldn't be able to end an inventory session or be able to access to reports. In the user permissions section, you can grant specific permissions to individual users, such as if they can start/end inventory, take inventory, place orders, view reports, and more. These permissions will override the role-based permissions.

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