What are the differences between the paid and free plans?

Backbar offers three plans - the free Basic plan, and two paid plans, the Essential and Professional Plan. Learn about the features each plan has to offer and see which one is right for you.


Watch the video below to get a quick overview:

What are the benefits of upgrading to a paid plan?

The Essential and Professional plans are good for those who need more advanced reporting, collaborative inventory, and enhanced drink and recipe costing. We’ll go over specific features below.

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The Essential Plan

The Essential Plan provides more advanced reporting, collaborative inventory, and enhanced drink and recipe costing. Details on specific features are below.

Basic Essential
Enhanced drink costing/pricing -
Color coded inventory -
Usage reports -
Comparison reports -
Trend Reports -
Pricing, Pour Costs & Profits report -
Organization Overview -

The Professional Plan

The Professional Plan provides more automation, recommendations and customization to further help control costs and save time.

Basic Essential Professional
Suggested pars - -
Custom tagging - -
Automatic invoice entry - -
Cost variance alerts - -
Excess inventory report - -
Product cost variance - -
Customized QR code menu link - -

Only on the Essential and Professional Plan

Enhanced drink costing/pricing

  • On the free plan, you are only able to see menu price, profit, and cost of goods sold either per 1 oz, or 25ml.
  • Upgrading to either paid plan allows you to customize and save each item’s pour size to improve menu costing.
  • Paid users will also have access to the Price Calculator for building recipes.
price calculator

Color-coded inventory

  • Each user gets assigned a color, so you can keep track of who counted what during an inventory session.
  • Inventory reports will also be coded to provide an entire inventory audit-trail.
  • Better for more efficient oversight and productivity when you have more than one person taking inventory.
Color coded inventory
Color code inventory tooltip

What reports are only available on the paid plans?

Reports only available on the Essential and Professional Plan are:
  • Usage reports
  • Comparison reports
  • Trend reports
  • Pricing, Pour Costs, and Profits
  • Organization Overview

Watch the video to the right to see the features of each report.

Only on the Professional Plan

Custom tagging

  • Assign a tag to each item to better organize and search your inventory.
  • View reports based on your tags to customize reporting to fit your needs.

Click here to read more about custom tagging.


Automatic invoice entry

  • Take a picture of your invoice from the app and all line item costs will be entered for you within 2 business days, saving you hours on manual data entry
  • Keep your item costs updated and reports always accurate by just uploading your invoice.
Backbar automatic invoice capture

What reports and tools are only available on the Professional Plan?

Keep track of your spending with these powerful tools:
  • Product cost variance report/alerts
  • Excess inventory report
  • Par Manager