What is the best/fastest way to take inventory?

    Backbar saves significant time on bar inventory by making the process much faster. To get the most out of Backbar, use these tips to streamline inventory counts.

    • Inventory Locations
      • Creating inventory locations allows you to better track inventory performance in different areas of your bar or restaurant. Whether you have multiple service areas or want to simply track inventory across storage areas, using inventory locations is the best way to improve reporting and inventory analysis.


    • Team Inventory

      • Backbar allows you to collaborate with co-workers to perform inventory counts on different areas simultaneously. With inventory locations, each staff member can record counts in different locations to reduce the workload and time spent on inventory.

    • Search Box

      • Using the text search box to find specific items or searching by drink subtype like vodka or whiskey, will expedite counting to quickly run through inventory counts.

    • Drink Filters

      • In addition to using search, you can also use the wine, beer, spirits, and non-alcoholic drink type filters to find the relevant items you need to count.

    • Custom Order Sort

      • You can save and sort the sequence of inventory items to match a custom order that was previously used for inventory. This can help you match the layout of your bar and storage shelves to quickly move through inventory products.

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