Cocktail Batch Calculator

Need help batching cocktails? We can do the quick math.


Our batch cocktail calculator helps you easily scale up your best-selling concoctions from a single serving to a block party sized batch.


Learn more below about how Backbar helps you manage cocktail recipes.

Cocktail recipe template

Optimize your beverage operations with Backbar


Rather than using spreadsheets, try using Backbar, the free-forever restaurant inventory software. Backbar is a cloud-based platform to manage your entire beverage program, from inventory to ordering to costing drinks and creating cocktail recipes.


  • Use our mobile app to take inventory faster and enable others to count with you simultaneously.
  • Cut the time it takes to put together and place your weekly orders, and track your spending. 
  • Create cocktails recipes and cost drinks
  • Connect your point-of-sale to automate inventory depletions




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