Cost of Goods Sold Template

Tracking Cost of Goods Sold (COGs)at your restaurant or bar is key to understanding how your inventory performs. This free template is built to track cost of goods for your bar inventory like spirits, wine, and beer.


Tracking COGs will help you:


- Reduce inventory overhead
- Improve cash flow
- Better understand the items that turn profits

Cost of Goods Sold Illustration

What is Included in COGs for restaurant


A common question that we're asked at Backbar is how to calculate cost of goods sold. It's important for restaurant and bar managers to track and analyze COGs because it can influence a business's bottom line. That's why we put together this free cost of goods template to help you.


What you'll get in this spreadsheet:


  • 12 month layout to track monthly cost of goods sold at your bar
  • Track inventory, purchasing, sales, and COGs data for wine, beer, spirits
  • Break down your drink types into subtypes like red wine or white wine, draft beer or bottle beer, and common spirit types like vodka and whiskey.
  • More insight into how to make your bar more profitable