Make sure work gets done

Track progress on bar inventory with color-coded labels for staff for efficient oversight that boosts productivity.

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Laptop showing Backbar inventory screen with color-coded labels

Color-coded labels keep everyone on the same page

See what items have been counted, by who, and how much is left to count so you can keep staff on task. 

Color labels are automatically assigned

Whenever an employee starts or joins an inventory session in Backbar they will be assigned a color icon label that can be used to track their progress on inventory counts. 

Illustration of wine bottle with pricing chart overlayed

Weighted costs

Backbar's first-in, first-out accounting adjusts costs as you sell through inventory so changes in product price and profit are updated in real-time for more accurate sales data.


Illustration of a bell ringing with a dollar sign

Get alerted to cost increases

You’ll be notified when your product costs increase so you can adjust menu prices or drink ingredients and maintain profits.

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Backbar inventory app and liquor bottle
Shift Notes
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