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Michigan Liquor Control Commission


Ottawa Building
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Phone: 517-284-6250 or 866-813-0011 (toll-free)



The Liquor Control Commission controls all alcoholic beverage traffic within the state of Michigan. Housed within the the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the Commission consist of five members that are appointed by the Governor. Three of the Commissioners are responsible for all matters regarding licensing, purchasing, merchandising, and enforcement. The remaining two Commissions serve as hearing commissioners in regards to violation matters. Their goals is to make alcoholic beverages available for consumption while also protecting the consumer and public through regulations of the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverage products.  

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Liquor Control

Controlled Alcohol: Wine, Beer, and Spirits



Michigan Liquor Prices

Check out the alcohol price book to see the prices of spirit products available through the Authorized Distribution Agents and see new spirit products soon to be available. Refer to the Price Book Breakdown to gain a better understanding of the different columns listed in the price book. 



 While the state does not own any retail stores, distribution is managed from warehouses. The Authorized distribution agents handle the orders from business and delivers them throughout the state. 


How to Buy 

The ordering of spirits is done through the Michigan Liquor Control Commission online ordering system. To access the system click here. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions refer to the Online Liquor Ordering System Informational Sheet



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New License 

There are several steps required to apply for a liquor license in Michigan. The process can take a few months to process and also requires fingerprinting, fees, and an in person meeting.  You can access an application checklist to ensure you have the necessary information to successfully apply for a license. For a more in depth understanding of the application timeline refer to the  Liquor License Processing informational sheet, 


Below is a more detailed list of the different kinds of licenses and the fees associated with each. 


Class C License

For: Restaurants and bars seeking to sell  beer, wine, spirits, and mixed drinks for on premise consumption are required to have a Class C License. 


$70: Inspection Fee

$600: License and Permit Fee


Tavern License 

For: A Restaurant or Bar seeking to sell wine or beer for consumption on premise. 


$70: Inspection Fee

$250: License and Permit Fee


Club License

For:  Clubs seeking to sell beer, wine, sprits, and mixed drinks  for on premise consumption 


$300 (Varies) :License and Permit Fee for clubs having 150 or fewer duly accredited members and $1.00 for each additional member. Membership list must be submitted unless it exceeds a fee of $750 ( more than 600 members). 


A-Hotel License

For: Hotels seeking to sell beer and wine for on premise consumption. 


$70: Inspection Fee

$250: License and Permit Fee, plus $1.00 per room in excess of 20 rooms


B-Hotel License 

For: Hotels seeking to sell beer, wine, sprits, and mixed drinks  for on premise consumption. 


 $70: Inspection Fee

$600: License and Permit Fee, plus $3.00 per room for each room in excess of 20 rooms.


Those that have successfully gained an on premise license are required to display the following signs per Michigan law:

  • Under 21 Penalty Sign: Warns of the penalties to selling and serving alcohol to anyone that is under the age of 21 
  • Age Sign: Displays the year that an individual must be born in and by the given day to be of age (21) to buy alcohol 
  • Concealed Carry (optional): Indicates that concealed carry weapons are prohibited 



Applied? Check the status of your license here


 Renew License 


Liquor Licenses are effective May 1 through April 30 of every year, regardless of when the license is obtained. Renewal applications are mailed by the middle of March each year and are sent to the business address, unless a different mailing address is on file. 


To renew your license log into the online portal, here




Inspections are handled by the Enforcement Staff which can occasionally consist of local law enforcement agencies. Inspections are conducted when applying for licenses, transfers of ownership or location, to investigate complaints and to ensure licensed establishments are adhering to the commissions codes and rules.  

The form used by law enforcement during inspections can be found here. The form can be used to gain a better understanding of the different codes that the enforcement staff is looking for during inspections. The form references a range of different signage that is required to be visible, access to these posters can be found here

The Michigan Liquor Commission also highlights a list of common code violations. Its a good idea to take note of these violations to avoid fines, suspension, or even loss of you license. 




Education & Training

In efforts to reduce the number of alcohol sales to minors the state of Michigan has mandatory server training. This is required when gaining a new license or when 50% interest of the current license is being transferred. The current law states that at least one certified server must be on duty when alcoholic beverages are being served. 


Below is a list of rules and general information regarding training. 


Who is required to receive training?

  •  License Holder
  • Any supervisor personnel


Where can we complete the mandatory training?

Below is a list of approved training courses. The different courses offer different price points, online training and in person trainings. 


When must the training be completed by?


The liquor commission grants an 180 day period to applicants and conditionally approved licensees to complete the training. Those that fail to do so can have their application revoked, fines, or license suspended. 


Once training is completed the Server Training Certification Form must be returned to the commission. The form must include the certification card given from one of the approved locations, along with an approval signature. 




Below is a list of important laws to take note of:


  • Servers must be at least 18 years of age to serve beer and other alcoholic beverages.  
  • Alcohol can be served from 7 am till 2 am Monday through Saturday 
  • After 9pm an individual under 17 years of age is no longer permitted to remain in a dance hall, saloon, barroom or any place where alcoholic beverages are sold unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


For more information regarding Michigan liquor laws refer to the Michigan Liquor Control Code, Administrative Rules and Related Laws. 


For frequently asked questions regarding liquor laws and enforcement click here.



Other information

Other Information

Authorized Distributors 

Imperial Beverage Corporation
(269) 382-4200

NWS Michigan, Inc.
888-697-6424 ext. 2

General Wine and Liquor Co.


State Associations

Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association 

225 West Washtenaw 
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (800) 968-9668


Michigan Licensed Beverage Association 

101 S. Washington Sq. Suite 800
Lansing, MI 48933
(800) 292-2896


Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association 

332 Townsend Street
Lansing, Michigan 48933
Phone: 517.482.5555




Throughout the year the commission host various meetings. The dates and meeting information can be found here.


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