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Alcohol & Tobacco Control

Address:1738 East Elm Street, Lower Level, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

Phone: 573/751-2333



The Alcohol and Tobacco Control of Missouri is a division under the Department of Public Safety. Their responsibilities include enforcing the alcohol laws and regulations, licensing, brand labels, and collecting taxes and fees.  




In the state of Missouri there are a variety of licenses one can gain for their business. Below we have detailed the different licenses, the application process, and how to renew your license.

 New License Application  

Beer By the Drink License 

This license allows for beer and light wine to be sold and served for on premise consumption. This license also allows for Sunday sales of alcohol. 

Fee: $50



Beer By the Drink Wine License (Beer and Light Wine) 

This license allows for beer to be sold and served for on premise consumption. This license does not  allow for Sunday sales of alcohol. In order to operate on a Sunday you must obtain a Sunday License, information included below on how to obtain this license. 

Fee: $50


Retail By the Drink License  ( Spirits, Wine, and Beer)

This license allows for retailers to sell and serve intoxicating liquor for on premise consumption. This license does not allow for Sunday consumption and a Sunday secondary license would be required. 

Fee: $300


Below we have included the application checklist that is applicable to all of the above Licenses

Processing time: typically 10-21 Days

Requirements: Check out the requirement checklist here to learn more about how to complete and return the below application requirements. 

  • Application
  • Criminal Record Check 
  •  Retail Sales Tax License
  • Certificate of No Tax Due
  • Tax Receipt
  • Voter Registration 
  • Photo of sole owner, all partners, or managing office
  • Photo of the front of the building
  • Copy of Signed lease agreement, deed, or rental agreement 
  • Naturalization Certificate or Passport 
  • Managing Officer Appointment Form 
  • Resort Certification and/or Verification of gross receipts 


Secondary License's


Sunday License ( Spirits, Wine, and/or Beer) 

This license allows for spirits, wine, and beer to be sold and served for on premise consumption. The operational hours for Sunday are restricted to 9AM till 12 AM

Fee: $200

Processing time: 10-21 Days 

Requirements: Check out the requirement checklist here to learn more about how to complete and return the below application requirements. 

  • Application 
  • License Fee
  • Certificate of No Tax Due
  • Certificate of Good Standing


Extended Hours

This License allows for you to stay open to sell and serve alcohol past the 1:30 curfew imposed by the state. The fee for the license is $300 and depending on you location the license can allow you to stay open to 3AM or later. To find more information about the extended hour license for your specific location click here


 Renew License Application

To renew your liquor license there are a few steps that you are required to take. Currently the state of Missouri uses an online renewal system All you need is your primary license number to gain access to your renewal application. All liquor licenses must be renewed by May 1st and late fees will be accessed to applications submitted after this date. For more information regarding the renewal process click here


Important Note: All primary and secondary ( Sunday and Extended Hours) licenses must be renewed at the same time. 



  • Application 
  • Applicable License Fee
  • Mail completed Application to 

Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control

1738 East Elm Street, Lower Level, PO Box 837

Jefferson City, MO 65101



The state of Missouri conducts compliance checks through the use of minors. Minors will attempt to purchase alcohol and those that fail the check will be cited for violations. When conducted local law enforcement agencies utilize the Alcohol Compliance Buy Checklist.  It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the checklist and to ensure the appropriate practices are put in place to avoid the selling or serving of alcohol to minors.

Education & Training


Alcohol server training is required in the state of Missouri. The state provides access to an online training program, State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training (SMART), which is designed to educate servers about their legal obligation when selling and serving alcohol.  This is a free and interactive online training program  available to owners, managers, and employees. The program only takes about an hour to complete and the program can be customized to best fit your establishment. To sign up for the program click here.


If you wish to create your own training program you can apply to have your server training course certified. The application can be found here along with a detail list of requirements for your program to qualify for certification. 



Here we have included information regarding liquor laws set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Control. For access to a complete list of laws and regulations click here


Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Saturday* 6AM to 1:30 AM

Sunday** 9AM-12AM

*These hours may be different if you have an Extended Hours License, reference the licensing section above for more information. 

**In most instances a Sunday license is required to serve on Sunday


Server Age: A person must be 21 years of age to work in a bar. To employ individuals between 18 and 20 years of age the licensee must acquire permission from the state supervisors of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. The application can be accessed here


Felon Employees: Individuals with a felony may work in a bar but the licensee must report this persons employment to the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.  The report form can be accessed here


Forms of Identification: Below is a list of acceptable forms of identification 

  • A valid and unexpired operator's or chauffeur's license 
  • A valid and unexpired operator's or chauffeur's license issued under the laws of any state or territory of the United States to residents of those states or territories
  • A valid and unexpired identification card
  • A identification card issued by any uniformed service of the United States, or a valid passport.


Other information

Other Information

Here we have included other useful information for licensees.  


  • For a complete list of beer, wine, and liquor wholesalers in Missouri refer to this data portal. 
  • For liquor pricing and distributors located in Missouri refer to the Major Brands website



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