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Ohio Department of Commerce- Division of Liquor Control 

Address: 6606 Tussing Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-9005

Phone: (614)644-2411



The Division of Liquor Control monitors the manufacturing, distribution, licensing, regulation, and merchandising of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor in the state of Ohio. The division also manages the wholesale and retail operations of spirituous liquor. 




Liquor control

Liquor Control

Controlled Alcohol: Spirits


The Division of Liquor Control manages a system of agency stores, called “Contract Liquor Agencies,” for the wholesale and retail sale of spirituous liquor ( 21% alcohol by volume). The Division's responsibilities include selecting products and setting the prices at which the Contract Liquor Agencies sell to licensed retailers and consumers.


The state also partners with the Jobs Ohio Beverage System ( JOBS) for retail and wholesale sales. This partnership is referred to as Ohio Liquor and serves as a great resource for finding different liquor locations and product pricing. 

Liquor Licensing


Here we will detail all the information you may need in order to receive a new liquor license or to renew your current license. Along with the standard liquor license the state of Ohio requires establishments to have secondary licenses for the ability to sell on Sunday and operate until 2:30 AM. 


New License

There are a variety of different licenses that allow for on-site consumption of beer, wine, and liquor. For information regarding which license you need and their associated fees click here.  


Here is a step-by-step look at the application process. 


1. Application

For applications for a new bar, restaurant, or carryout click here. For all other types of permits click here.  The application should be completed, notarized, and mailed to the below address. Along with a $100 nonrefundable processing fee.  Once the permit is ready to be processed the necessary permit fee will be required. If there is a permit opening per the location of the establishment  (permit quotas are based on the population), the application will be processed immediately. If there is no opening the application will be held until there is. 

To check permit availability refer to the below links. 


Ohio Division of Liquor Control 

6606 Tussing Road

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-9006

2. Processing

Once processing of the application begins local legislative authority (city council, township trustees, or county commissioners) and the local police department is notified of the application. A letter is also sent to the county Board of Elections to ensure the precinct of the applicant's business is located in a  wet county for the type of beverages that the applicant wishes to sell. 


3. Inspection

Next, a compliance officer will make a physical inspection of the premise. The officer will make a diagram of the premise and its surrounding areas to note any churches, schools, playgrounds, parks, or libraries within 500ft. Any of the above establishments within 500ft are given notice about their right to object to the issuance of the permit. 


4. Hearing

This step may or may not occur, depending on if a hearing is requested by either the legislative body or a public institution. You will be notified via certified mail as to the time and place of the hearing. You may also be represented by an attorney at the hearing. 


5. Final Steps 

 If there is no hearing requested, no objection by the local police, and no adverse information discovered by the local police or the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, the permit could be issued within ten to twelve weeks. 


If there is a hearing held the results are sent by certified mail to you and the objector. If the objections are overruled the legislative body has the ability to appeal within 30 days, but public institutions do not have this ability. If the objections are sustained, you will receive a rejection order by certified mail and you have the ability to file an appeal within 30 days. 


A permit cannot be issued until all administrative and legal remedies have been addressed. 



Renew License 

In the state of Ohio liquor permits are renewed annually. Renewal dates are based on your county. To see a map of which permit renewal district your county belongs to, click here. Renewal applications will be received through the mail 60 days before your permit expires. The applications are to be returned fully completed and signed. The legislative body has the ability to file an objection to the renewal of the permit and this must be filed 30 days prior to the permit's expiration. 

Inspections and Compliance


Inspections and compliance checks of the premise occur during the application process and to ensure the license locations are adhering to the liquor laws and regulations put in place by the state of Ohio. For information regarding physical inspections during the application process click here.



Training and Education



Beverage service training in the state of Ohio is voluntary, but encouraged. The Division of Liquor Control has provided access to free educational programs. The Alcohol Server Knowledge Program (ASK), includes information on laws regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. The program covers topics such as false identification and employment of minors.

To schedule the training presentation you can call this number call (614) 644-2415 or use email



Here we have included information regarding a few laws in regulations s specific to the state of Ohio. For a more exhaustive list refer to the Ohio Administrative Code


Server Age Requirement: Servers must be 19 years of age to serve beer on the premises. 


Sunday Sales: Sunday sales are permitted but the appropriate license is required. Refer to the license informational sheet to learn more.


Hours of Operation: The sale of beer, wine, and spirits is prohibited during the below hours. These hours may vary depending on if you have an extended issue permit which allows sales until 2:30 AM.


Monday-Saturday 1 AM-5:30 AM

Sunday 1 AM- Midnight


Happy Hour: Ohio is one of few states that places time restrictions on happy hour. To read the details regarding the Ohio liquor laws click here


Other Information

Other Information

Here we have included additional information and resources for those seeking a new liquor permit or those that already have one.




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