Transform how you take inventory

Update inventory counts in real-time, boost profits, prevent loss, and cut costs by connecting Toast with Backbar.

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Sync the front and back-of-house with Backbar.

No cost integration
Global access to Backbar

No cost integration

Connect Toast with Backbar at no cost. POS integration is included in Backbar's Basic plan, which is free-forever. 

Global access


Access inventory and sales data from our mobile app and web platform to get updates whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Simple setup


Connecting Toast with Backbar is easy, you can do it on your own without scheduling a call. Get up and running when you need to.

By the minute inventory updates show when inventory is low

Streamline inventory management


By-the-minute inventory updates show when inventory is low so you can place orders without counting bottles by hand or overspending on unneeded items. Know how quickly items move and which don't sell.

Stop product loss


Compare perpetual inventory with physical counts to see if what's sold matches what's on the shelf. Prevent product loss from overpours or employee theft with variance reports to protect your bottom line.

Variance report
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Keep costs low


Grow profits by having better data available like pour cost percentages for every item and make sure your top selling items are your most profitable. Adjust target pour costs to calculate new profit margins if you're not hitting goals.

Don't have Toast?

Get more done with Backbar

Backbar is more than inventory control, it's the core for your restaurant's operations.

Vendor purchasing

Place orders with multiple vendors in a single click. Build orders based on real-time inventory counts and cut unnecessary spending.

Drink & recipe costing


Price menu items like wine or drink recipes and adjust desired profit margins to see suggested menu prices. Make sure each sale is turning a profit.

Staff training


Shift Notes alerts staff to new menu items and provides tasting notes or drink recipes so your staff stays informed, even if they've missed the pre-shift meeting.

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