See performance clearly

Backbar organizes data from inventory, orders, and sales into insightful reports that are easy-to-read and simplify decision making.

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Simplify bar operations

Building an order by adding items to cart

Understand how products turn profits

Track important metrics like usage rates and excess inventory or compare inventory sessions over time so you know what products drive profits.

Get more from sales data

With POS integration you'll connect your sales with cost information to get important data like cost-of-goods sold and profitability by item.

Keep an eye on spending

Keep a tab on how much you spend with each distributor to discover where you can improve costs and adjust the products you carry.

The spend overview report shows you how much you spend with each of your distributors.

Shift Notes train staff

Send staff tasting notes for new wines or recipes for new cocktails so they can provide top-line service.

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